SEO Agency Pricing


The question asked by many prospective clients considering SEO is, “How much does SEO cost today?”

Instead, the question you should be asking is, “How much do I want to invest in the future of my business?”

While every business’s needs and SEO goals are unique, here are some general pricing guidelines to consider:

Our prices start at $1,500 per month.
On average, most businesses invest $4,000 to $8,000 per month.
Some companies invest $40,000+ per month.

How We Determine SEO Services Pricing

At Local Lead AutoPilot, your SEO services cost is based on a number of factors that determine the type and amount of work necessary to help your business improve its organic rankings, increase revenue and generate leads. Before recommending a monthly budget, we want to discuss your business and SEO objectives with you. In the end, what you pay is not a matter of what we offer, but how much you want to invest in growing your business.

Here are the main things we review to determine the cost of your campaign:

  • Business goals and urgency
  • Competition
  • Existing website structure and size
  • Current SEO performance
  • Geographical targeting: local, multi-local and/or national
  • Existing online brand authority
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Get the Most Out of Your SEO Investment

Local Lead AutoPilot, an industry-leading SEO agency, has the skills and depth of knowledge to design an SEO campaign that works for each client. Our in-house SEO specialists, copywriters, editors, content marketing specialists, graphic designers and account managers have decades of experience in strategizing and implementing SEO campaigns of all types and sizes — and we have the proven results and satisfied clients to back us up. For a custom tailored SEO cost per month plan that helps your business succeed, look no further than Local Lead AutoPilot.

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