Becoming an Ideal SEO Client: A Recipe for Success

Sure, the SEO agency has a pivotal role in making your campaign shine, but don’t underestimate the power of being a stellar client. Even a slight improvement in your client-game can yield significant results in sales leads and online revenue. So, what makes a great client in the world of SEO? Let’s dive into the attributes we’ve observed over our years of managing successful SEO campaigns.

1. The Curious Questioner

Great clients are the ones who ask questions. SEO isn’t a one-way street; it’s a collaboration. We thrive when our clients are eager to learn more about SEO. The more knowledge you have, the more insightful questions you can pose, helping us craft creative strategies and tactics.

2. The Honest Feedback Connoisseur

Great clients are open books, providing honest feedback early and often. While we may think we’re acing the campaign, your perspective matters. Clients should never hesitate to share their impressions. Addressing issues early is far easier than letting them snowball into larger problems.

3. The Swift Approver

SEO involves a lot of content creation, both on-site and off-site. For a campaign to move swiftly, quick approvals are essential. Delayed approvals can push content publication weeks or even months down the line. In the meantime, your rankings might stay stagnant. Great clients keep things moving.

4. The Revenue Transformer

Beyond driving organic traffic, the real magic happens when that traffic lands on your website. Here, an SEO agency’s influence is limited. If it’s a lead generation campaign, does your website smoothly guide visitors to inquire? Is there a seamless handoff to the sales team? In e-commerce, does your site ensure a safe and easy shopping experience? Great clients excel in converting organic traffic into revenue.

5. The Patient Partner

We get it; everyone wants SEO results ASAP. But patience is a virtue in this game. Different perceptions of what’s “quick” can sometimes lead to misunderstandings. Every company has a unique starting point for an SEO campaign, impacting its pace. Jumping ship too soon can sabotage a potentially successful campaign. In SEO, patience is your ally.

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